At KiwiCommerce, our bespoke Magento web builds are developed to complement and reflect the way each individual business operates, rather than the business having to change its processes to fit the needs of their website. During the consultation period of any new website project, our team will understand and document the requirements each client has for seamless operation on and off line. Sometimes, we need to build custom elements into the back end of the Magento platform to ensure a streamlined process, and other times there is already an extension available in the Magento Marketplace that can give the client exactly the functionality that is needed.

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Most Common Magento Extensions

Having worked with Magento for over 10 years, our developers have seen and used thousands of plug-ins to achieve a wide range of enhanced eCommerce solutions.

Some of the most common and useful Magento extensions we have utilised to achieve solutions across a number of areas are:

Checkout and shopping cart PCA Predict, Taxjar, Magestore one step checkout
Design and theme Bluefoot, Themeforest, Lightfoot
Inventory MSI
Site performance Varnish, Redis, Fastly, Cloudfront, Xdebug, Cloudinary
SEO and online marketing Mageworx
Site search Algolia, Elasticsearch, Klevu, Solr
Analysis and reporting New Relic, Hotjar
Web security Cloudflare, Signifyd

This is by no means an exhaustive list!
As well as using the above and a wide range of other extensions, we build bespoke Magento extensions to achieve specific functionality and processes for our clients.

In need of Magento consultancy or technical support to install and maintain extensions? Our team are available to assist you.