Take your business online with a brand new eCommerce website

for just £499!


Start your own online store and future-proof your business.


In response to COVID-19, we’re giving small businesses the opportunity

to take their business online with a professional Shopify store, ready in just 3 days.

Creating an Online Retail Store

In the current climate, it’s even more important to offer your customers a safe, contactless way to continue doing business with you.

Over the past decade, customers have been changing their spending and shopping habits with a strong, growing preference for online transactions, so the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide adoption of social distancing has only strengthened the argument to take your business online.

By 2021, roughly 93 percent of UK internet users are expected to shop online, according to the Office of National Statistics. These figures are from before the pandemic and updated statistics are expected soon, however we can only expect this number to rise.

If more than 93% of customers are shopping online and you don’t have an online store, you are only selling to less than 7% of your target market. It’s time to widen your reach.

Start selling online

Setting up an Online Store

Setting up an online store with KiwiCommerce is quick, hassle free and only costs £499.

We can get your business online so you can start selling in just 3 days!

How we create your online store:


  • Store configuration on Shopify Basic or you can upgrade to Shopify*
  • The checkout flow is set up
  • We connect Shopify Payments or 1 other payment gateway of your choice
  • We implement your chosen theme/design (You can choose from a wide selection of free Shopify themes/styles)
  • We set up a shipping method
  • We complete a 1 time product catalogue configuration (up to 50 products. Each 100 additional products charged at £100)
  • We set up content pages that you can edit (about us, T&Cs, privacy)
  • We create your contact us page
  • We configure up to 3 plug-ins of your choice (e.g. gift card)
  • We provide a video tutorial on using your new online store
  • We connect your site to your web domain and your emails
  • We set up Shopify POS
  • We carry out testing before going live

* Shopify charges an ongoing fee to all customers after 15 days if you have chosen to upgrade from Shopify Basic. We can help you decide which option suits your business.

What we need from you:


  • Any content you want to add to the content pages (about us, contact us, shipping & returns policy, terms and conditions, product pages etc). Standard text can be provided for these pages if required.
  • A list of all products in an Excel spreadsheet (template will be provided)
  • Product photos and descriptions
  • Your chosen Shopify theme/style
  • Your preferred payment and shipping providers
  • Just £499!

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