Magento API Integration

For any business to run successfully in the long term, many different elements need to work seamlessly together. Often, there are numerous online information management systems working concurrently, and ensuring they talk to each other saves time, money and reputation.

Once linked up, your Magento website is capable of processing data from all of the solutions you use in order to allow a fluid data flow and successful eCommerce performance.

When planning for and building a new Magento Store, or as your business develops both offline and online, you will likely have the need to integrate other systems and applications that aren’t part of Magento to achieve seamless and efficient online processes and a clearer view of what can often be a complicated big picture.

Online store data flow is incredibly important when managing a successful business, and API integration of all of your business elements saves a lot of time and effort. This becomes especially clear when you’re used to manually merging data, having to enter the same information into different systems or transferring information from one system to another.

API integration can be used to link all kinds of online business apps, programs, data and devices to ensure your eCommerce business is slick and efficient, with many popular integrations being available already.

KiwiCommerce are well placed to help with Magento API integration; whether that be providing support to your in-house team who are adding the integration, managing the integration of API’s on your behalf, or developing a custom API integration for a bespoke system or process you require.

Custom API Development

While there are many Magento compatible APIs already available to integrate well known systems, KiwiCommerce provide a service for bespoke API development when the system, app or program you use doesn’t already have an API available, or when the current one doesn’t do exactly what you need it to do. Sometimes legacy systems or bespoke programs necessary for the business operation retain and gather information which needs to be in your Magento store, so a custom API built by KiwiCommerce could be a necessary solution to improve your business efficiency.

Contact us today for a custom API quote or for support when integrating an existing API with your Magento Store.