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Menu Link

Screenshot (2/6): Customer edit page.

Customer edit page

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Console Command

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Customer Password Configuration

Screenshot (5/6): Password Log

Password Log

Screenshot (6/6): Security

Customer Password ACL

Admin can now quickly and easily change and set the customer password from the backend without required confirmation email. Admin can also change the customer password using CLI command.


Admin can restrict permissions for other admin users to change customer password.Allows admin to enable or disable this extension whenever required from the backend.

Change Password CLI

Run command

Change Password Backend

Save command

Is this extension free?
  • Yes, this extension will remain free so you will get all feature updates without any cost.
How to install Customer password extension?
  • You can download and extract extension files under the root directory of your project. Please check user guide for more information.
How to uninstall Customer password extension?
  • To uninstall the extension, first, disable extension using cli command then remove extension directory from app/code. Please check user guide for more information.
What is the Change Log?
  • We release new versions of the extension periodically. You can check what feature added or improved and which issues resolved by checking the Change Log.
Can I test Customer password extension on a staging site before setup it to a live site?
  • Yes, you can install the extension on a staging site first before setup on your live site.
How can I submit an issue if found in the extension?
  • We recommend to submit the issue in a Github repository so you can track the issue with Change Log.
  • You can also drop a mail on [email protected] with an explanation.
How can I suggest a feature?
  • We appreciate suggestions from your side.
  • You can drop a mail on [email protected] with an explanation.
  • We usually select, prioritise and implement suggestions that you can get on next release of the extension.
What about the support availability?
What in the paid installation services?
  • In the paid installation services, we provide support for install extension behalf of your side and resolve any conflict if found.
Version 1.0.0
Released 11.09.2018
– Initial release

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