Extensions & Partners

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms so it makes sense that there are already countless Magento extensions available to help store owners personalise their stores.

We use a number of common Magento extensions from leading brands and technology partners that we’re happy to recommend here, plus we also develop custom extensions to suit client requirements where suitable extensions don’t already exist.

When it comes to the must have Magento extensions, every developer has their favorites. There are thousands of extensions available from thousands of big brand Magento 2 partners and developers, however we are more than happy to recommend a few that work for our clients; helping with speed, reporting, checkout process, SEO, stock management, design and a range of other areas.

The Magento 2 extensions we often use help our clients to personalise their sites to match their business requirements, and where there are not already existing extensions to suit what our clients need, we provide a custom extension development service that creates the functionality to do whatever is required. Many extensions in the Magento Marketplace are paid extensions that deliver certain functionalities, however there are a range of free extensions also.

Free Magento 2 Extensions
Some of the best Magento extensions (in our opinion) are free of charge and provided to users as a contribution to the Magento community. To date, we’ve created and made available 6 free Magento extensions that are in use in over 3,500 current Magento stores.

Why did we do this? Well, from working with clients using Magento over a number of years we identified common issues or annoyances they were having with certain features. Part of our motto is to contribute heartily to the Magento community, so our developers set aside their own time to create a fix for these issues, leading to the free Magento extensions we offer today.

Our Free Magento Extensions


Cron Scheduler

Find all executed, running and scheduled store crons with all of the necessary information on a single dashboard. You can also be notified in case of errors.


Login As Customer

This extension allows you to login as a customer without a password or authentication data manipulation. Enable the extension and start easily viewing your site as a customer.


Inventory Log

Keep a log of product inventory on every single transaction. View details of product import, order placed, insert/update operation through queries and a whole lot more.


Enhanced SMTP

Enhanced SMTP lets you send all store emails through pre-defined SMTP servers. Keep track of every single email along with it’s status and clear logs after a specified time.


Admin Activity

Track backend page visit history and easily track all admin activities. Log fields that have been changed from the backend and have the option to revert back.


Customer Password

This extension allows administrators to change a customer’s password under a customer’s account from the backend and the CLI without email confirmation.

Recommended Magento 2 Extensions