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Code Audit

Over time, eCommerce sites may get cluttered with unnecessary and non-compliant code, potentially gather bugs, viruses and malware, and generally require housekeeping. For an eCommerce site, unresolved issues can equal a huge amount of lost revenue.

Our technical experts are waiting to evaluate the health of your Magento site. They can provide an in-depth report detailing where improvements should be made in order to help achieve better website performance and less downtime, meaning your business could achieve overall business goals faster.


eCommerce services - Magento Code Audit
eCommerce services - Magento Google Advanced Analytics

Google Advanced

eCommerce sales performance and intelligence are essential elements of evaluating business success and formulating future plans for your online business direction.

Our Google Analytics experts can give you a full picture of how people use your website; including popular and under performing products, detail on how customers find your site, detail about their journey through it and areas where improvement is necessary to help them convert.

Find out more today and let us help you work smarter, not harder.


E-commerce Design, Development & Consulting

Upgrade your old online store to Magento 2 or opt for a completely new bespoke eCommerce experience for your customers. We can help you create incredible services and online experiences for your end users. Whatever the eCommerce requirement, KiwiCommerce are ready to take on the challenge.


Over time your eCommerce website can get sluggish and perform slowly for a number of reasons. This provides a less than satisfactory experience for your customers and can lead to lost revenue. Our team are experts at identifying issues that affect site loading speed and can provide actionable recommendations on how to optimise it.

M1 to M2

Our fully managed migration service effectively and seamlessly moves your Magento 1 or other online eCommerce store to Magento 2. Get ahead of the curve and step up your business game today.


Custom Extension Development

KiwiCommerce works with our clients to understand problem areas and issues on site, both customer facing and in the back end, and develops custom Magento 1 and Magento 2 Extensions based on your business requirements. We aim to to make your online store functional, fluid, intuitive and representative of your brand.

On-Going Maintenance

We have a 24/7, 365 day a year active technical support team who are ready to help and ensure the smooth functioning of your website. We provide hosting and support packages to suit your growing business and do regular reviews of your website, ensuring optimum performance.

API Integration

3rd Party API integration

Our experienced developers make integrating third party API’s into Magento a breeze. We work with dozens/hundreds of the most popular technology partners and integrate their API’s seamlessly.

Build Custom API

Can’t find the right API? We build state of the art custom APIs for our clients that can facilitate access to application data, a range of functionality and business logic and web services. Tell us what you need and we’ll design the solution.

Magento 2 Development Services – Our Methodology

Our eCommerce website services project flow starts with

eCommerce services - A Bunch of User Stories

1. A bunch of user stories

  • We gather and organise all requirements on a project board and categorise them into user stories. These user stories depict the various journeys the customers will take through the completed website.

2. Once the client is happy with the user stories, we follow the Scrum Framework and schedule sprints of work

  • From the defined user-stories, we divide these into blocks of tasks and deliver them on a scrum basis.
  • Each scrum cycle consists of a two-week sprint in which partial delivery of user-stories is delivered, reviewed and progressed.
Follow Scrum Framework and Schedule Sprint
eCommerce services - A Bunch of User Stories

We start the day with a stand up meeting

  • We conduct this kind of a meeting every morning in order to get updated with the current progress of the ongoing sprint.
  • Quick Updates include:
    • What did I do yesterday to meet the sprint goal?
    • What will I do today to meet the sprint goal?
    • Do I see any issue that prevents me from meeting the sprint goal?

Let’s discuss your project

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Some of the reasons to work with us

Magento 2 Development agency in Manchester - 30+ Magento Exports

Magento certified experts, plus a Magento Master (this is an elite recognition from Magento for helping the Magento community)

Magento 2 Development agency in Manchester - 10 Years of Magento Experience

Years of Magento experience

Magento Projects

Successful Magento projects

Very focused & detailed oriented task management in Magneto

Very focused & detail oriented task management

Magento strong problem solving skill & world-class work quality

Strong problem solving skill & world-class work quality

Innovation, Honesty, Quality & Transparency - Magento Core values

Innovation, honesty, quality & transparency - our core values