Code Audit

Experience the best eCommerce services with detailed code audit report that allows you to quickly evaluate the health of your Magento site.

eCommerce services - Magento Code Audit
eCommerce services - Magento Google Advanced Analytics

Google Advanced

Get a 360-degree report about popular products, product clicks, checkout process, customer visits, bounce rates and more.

E-commerce Design, Development & Consulting

Build or upgrade online stores according to today’s business requirements and render incredible services on-the-go to the end-users.


KiwiCommerce provides you insight into how well your site loads and actionable recommendations on how to optimise it.

M1 to M2

Our managed migration service includes a seamless migration of your Magento 1 based websites to the new setup in Magento 2.x latest edition.

Custom Extension Development

KiwiCommerce develops custom Magento 1 and Magento 2 Extensions based on your business requirements to make your store functional & feature rich.


Round-the-clock actively present technical support team stays in touch with business to ensure smooth maintenance of application and website.

API Integration

3rd Party API integration

Our API Integration services will help you integrate third-party API quickly to your website or web application.

Build Custom API

We build state of the art APIs which can facilitate access to application data, functionality, and business logic, as well as web services.

Our Methodology

Our eCommerce services project-flow starts with

eCommerce services - A Bunch of User Stories

A Bunch of User Stories

  • We gather all requirements on a board and categorised them into user stories to complete on phase-based.

Follow Scrum Framework and Schedule Sprint

  • Out of the defined user-stories, we divide and deliver them on scrum basis.
  • Each scrum cycle consists of a two-week sprint in which partial delivery of user-stories happened at the end of a sprint.
eCommerce services - Follow Scrum Framework and Schedule Sprint
eCommerce services - A Bunch of User Stories

Start a Day with Standup Meeting

  • It’s a kind of a meeting we conduct at every morning, in order to get updated with the current progress of ongoing sprint.
  • Quick Updates Includes:
    • What did I do yesterday to meet the sprint goal?
    • What will I do today to meet the sprint goal?
    • Do I see any impediment that prevents me from meeting the sprint goal?

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