Magento 2 development essentials
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Magento 2 development essentials

Developing a website is a large project with many points to consider, from client expectations to the delegation of tasks. Advancement of any website on an extensive scale is a complex task, however an eCommerce website has its own specific requirements. Of all the bad practices I’ve seen in eCommerce development, I feel that the worst is ignoring the little things and the elements necessary to support the website that are not core development items. This doesn’t change regardless of the platform you develop it on.


8 Reasons why Magento leads the way in eCommerce Development

When it comes to eCommerce there are plenty of content management systems available on the market; including Opencart, Woocommerce, Shopify and many more. Magento is the most dominant eCommerce platform however, and of all the eCommerce websites currently operating, the majority of them are built on the Magento platform.