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The first word that comes to our mind when we hear eCommerce is “GROWTH”, but what exactly is eCommerce? Any form of business that is involved in transferring information over the internet can be termed as electronic commerce or eCommerce. Basically, eCommerce enables customers to buy and sell products and services on the internet with no limitations of time or distance.

It comprises a wide variety of industries, from retail sales to big business corporations involved in the exchange of goods. Electronic commerce has developed quickly over the past few years and is going to grow at an accelerated rate in the coming years as more and more businesses will move towards trading on the internet. eCommerce embraces a broad range of data, practices and tools for mobile shopping, the digital payment, and everything that makes life easy for both online buyers and sellers.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions about buying on the internet. For what reason do clients purchase? What rouses them to pick one item over the other or what makes them abandon a cart amidst a transaction? And what pushes them to buy in the first place? Answering these questions isn’t easy as we can only make an educated guess at exactly what the ever changing customer wants in today’s digital era, and tomorrow it may change. To keep up with the customer’s expectations we need to keep our eCommerce practices up to date and be creative. The next generation of eCommerce will be all about the great shopping experiences, quick and easy transactions, powerful order management and valuable insights. To meet the demands of the coming age, businesses need to start developing their eCommerce sites on Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento is an enterprise-class eCommerce platform supported by millions of developers and extremely skilled partners, plus it is a preferred choice for all big online businesses today. Offering robust and extensive features, Magento’s automatic control interface offers excellent marketing, search engine optimisation and directory-management tools to help users manage the appearance, content, and functionality, making every eCommerce website a unique one for its owners and users. Magento is one of the most adaptable business solutions that empowers owners to explore new boundaries of innovation and build great user experiences for their buyers.

Why KiwiCommerce for Magento Development?

KiwiCommerce is an accomplished Magento agency, delivering the most manageable eCommerce websites to assist you to encourage eCommerce transformation. With more than 30 developers (including a Magento Master) and around 10+ average years experience, our extensive understanding of the Magento platform and eCommerce tactics equip us to fulfill reliable, amenable and optimised Magento solutions that create enjoyable shopping experiences. It has always been our intention to offer all possible solutions, including custom Magento design and development, custom extension development, technical support and maintenance, eCommerce consultancy, firewalls, data migration, strong and safe payment systems, secure API integration, SSL certification, and optimised performance to ensure our clients get a compelling and manageable Magento based eCommerce solution.

What we offer

Customisation, design and development
Hosting and server administration
Magento integrations and bespoke extensions
Migration and upgrades
Optimised performance and audits
Advanced user experiences
Support and maintenance


We should always remember that all eCommerce platforms come with their own set of specific advantages and shortcomings, however we, and the biggest companies in the world, feel Magento really is head and shoulders above their nearest competitor. It is essential for business owners to set their priorities along with their expectations when they choose a suitable platform for their eCommerce store – one that satisfies their business requirements, brand, customer expectations, aims and growth plans. Talk to us today to see how Magento could work for your business.

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