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Let’s go through the journey of the epic Meet Magento UK 2018 event, a wonderful event where successful minds in the industry shared their expertise on the latest trends and their thoughts on the eCommerce industry.

The entire event was for two days and to warm up everyone attending the event on the first day, an intensive Magento Contribution hackathon took place, with many Magento Core Developers and Architects participating in the event.

Among many contributors, a few made their first ever contribution to the community!

After the fun-filled and brainstorming contribution day, an exclusive reception followed for merchants to network with other merchants and discuss hot topics in the industry. The evening was complimented by a panel of speakers. Among the panel members was Rabia Qureshi (Senior Customer Success Manager at JH).

As Day 2 began, the Keynote speaker Peter Sheldon (VP of Strategy at Magento Commerce) spoke about his eCommerce experiences. What was most impressive about the talk was how he highlighted that the Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed a huge variety of shoppable items to be made available across all channels, which has indirectly pushed eCommerce even further. He also shared his thoughts on how personalised shopping experiences and storytelling can be the key to bringing massive change in what can actually be sold online to consumers.

Among the many topics covered by many well-known speakers during the event, one particular topic we enjoyed was by Rob Long on “how data can fuel eCommerce growth”. We know how the data science industry has touched every aspect of technology and that data can indeed help us understand the ups and downs of eCommerce, as well as informing us where to focus our efforts in order to climb further up the growth scale.

The second keynote speaker Brian Green had really good insights that he shared regarding Magento’s platform. He talked about Magento’s roadmap priorities and shared many examples on the power of an open ecosystem.

Before we continue on the topics covered by Brian Green, we would like to Congratulate Magento again on being named as the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. Below we see Brian talking on Gartner Magic Quadrant.

A lot of praise was given to the UK community which we’re incredibly proud to be a part of, but specifically to the top contributors for all they do to promote and support the community. Kudos goes to them!

During the event, a demo was given by Dave Macaulay showing how quickly one can build a complete custom landing page without using code, which was seriously amazing. This could be pretty useful to show to clients who are considering a Magento build to give them an idea of what they can expect 🙂

While the event wrapped up after Brian Green’s keynote, everyone headed off to the Voltaire bar to call it a day in style. We’re in the majority in believing that no Magento event should end without a networking party!

Finally, we’d like to say a warm thank you to all the sponsors and organisers for putting on this event. As the years go by the Magento Community grows stronger than ever. See you next year at Meet Magento UK 2019! #MMUK19

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