Magento Project Management For Client and Team

Magento Project Management For Client and Team

Project Drivers: The Client and The Team

An expert in any industry will disclose to you that there is no particular formula for success. Regardless of whether you’re an instructor, specialist, legal adviser, or work in retail or back, there might be a group of formal procedures and rules to stick to, yet one of the best practices in any industry is to have a tendency to have a couple of strategies and guidelines of their own. Project Management, obviously, follows the same. Most Project Managers have a tendency to learn at the very beginning, such as planning and budgeting, yet after some time, you may find your own specific techniques and ways to deal with projects, big or small.

Managing a project appears to be so direct. You set a due date. You set a financial plan. You select the ideal individuals. And you are done with the project. But in reality, project management is not as simple and straightforward as it seems to be. The wrong individuals are appointed to the project. Individuals don’t realise what the project expects from them or get conflicting data. The extension changes. Due dates aren’t met. Put all the more compactly: Blunder Happens.

So what can organizations, and project managers, do to enhance the chances of the project being finished on time and on a financial plan? Here are the two most important aspects to consider for successful project management that I have depended on for years – the ones I can’t resist the urge to share!

Client Involvement

The client needs to know more about a project then the team does. The client is the one with the vision and, let’s be realistic, the gold! We are cheerful to have you on board and will do everything we can to enable you to accomplish your objectives.

How might we get this going? Communication is above all – the more we keep in contact, the better it is for the project. The Project Manager and the team will have a million things to ask about the project. They will likewise give the customer week after week reports to add up to the progress. There may likewise be issues that can be addressed rapidly and work doesn’t need to come to a standstill. But again just one meeting isn’t sufficient.

The client fulfills the needs of the organization through authorizing the task and characterizing the project scope to the project manager and the team. The client likewise has a supervision part. This supervision is frequently refined through project reviews and reports from the project team. The reviews majorly depend on the complexity level of the projects. The less complex projects may have few meetings which might end up in an hour whereas more complex projects will require frequent meetings, maybe a day-long one, which is essential for the progress of the project.

Moreover, apart from just giving an overview of the project, you must make sure that the clients effectively take part in the accomplishment of the project. Client participation is really important in any project because the benefit of including them is that you can get their insights and contribution in critical aspects of the project.

The Team Of Course

The next important aspect of your project management is obviously your team because they are the ones responsible for writing the code. However, that’s not just the only thing they do. They likewise survey the code, help to indicate the requirements and give information and guidance on the project from their point of view. Your clients will have a lot of inquiries regarding how your company functions and how they can utilise it. Apart from that, there will be times when you’ll get an especially complex inquiry that you don’t have a clue about the response to. This is why project managers should loop in the team members to help the clients with their complex queries. Your team will likewise have the capacity to toss light on any barriers that may happen amid the project.

The next step is to know your team which is very vital. When you get to know the team you will be working with, you are one set nearer to make your project successful. Learn about each individual in your team as best as you can. If required you may also do a research about your team members. What program does your developer like to work in? You cannot tailor a project as per the needs of each team member yet the more you learn about the team going in, the more educated and prepared you will be throughout the project, and the better you can inspect on how each colleague may connect and cooperate while working together.

Everybody cherishes getting positive feedback. Make sure you inform your team members if a client compliments them in a message, for instance. Also, you can circle in your teammates to discussions where clients are complimenting another element they’ve quite recently proposed. It’s likewise helpful to share positive client reviews that can be utilised as a part of marketing materials later.

What Do You Think?

Of course, the above two aspects are the principal factors that you need to keep in mind when managing a project. Factors like company’s team formation, clients expectations, workflow and creative people involved sumps up a project that is unique. The foremost thing to treasure is that even though you may be considering a number of factors, you’re working collectively to build a project you can be proud of!

So what about you? Do you have your own project management secrets? Let me know in the comments section below!

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