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A Magento code audit, or Magento technical assessment as it is sometimes called, is the equivalent of an all-inclusive health check-up. During the audit, we take an in-depth look at the site’s code to compute the overall health of your Magento website. We then propose the required actions to remove any Magento performance issues and improve site performance so you can reach your eCommerce business goals.

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Trojan, Virus & Malware Removal

Remove all types of malware that pretend to be something useful, helpful, or fun while actually causing harm or potentially stealing credit card data while payments are processed. Ensure a virus-free website.

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Boost Performance

Improve your front end optimisation by focusing on clean code, compressing images, minimising external requests, implementing a CDN, and a variety of other methods to improve performance.

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Coding Standard Review

Intended to find and fix redundant code and mistakes overlooked in the initial development phase, improving both the overall quality & cleanliness of website code as per the web standards.

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Easy To Understand Audit Report

We deliver a straightforward Magento code audit report which is simple for your developers to implement, or we can make the required changes for you.

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Neutral Analysis

Our comprehensive neutral code analysis involves a security expert with strong development experience and proven analytical capabilities to identify programming and logical errors.

What is covered in the Magento technical code audit?

A Magento code audit involves a deep dive into the source code of the website application to ascertain bugs/issues, security, performance, and violations of standard coding formats.

The Magento code review looks at all aspects that can have an impact on online store website performance and is split up into three specific areas:

Magento core

code audit

Full review of Magento codebase

Performance review (highlighting core issues)

Review of theme and front-end assets

Review of database performance and issues

Review of caching, indexing and check out issues

Third party

code audit

Review of all third party extensions

Detailed review of all custom extensions

Transparent assessment of extension quality

Third party application source code review

Identification of possible performance enhancement

Security & support

code audit

Review of security patches and known vulnerabilities

Adding security services that may be of value

Data flow analysis

Configuring admin panel settings

Monitor and track patterns of insecure code

Process Flow

Credentials we would require

We require the following credentials from you to start work on your Magento audit. Don’t worry – your information is kept confidential and we erase all details once the task is complete.

Sign NDA (Optional)

The first thing we do is sign an NDA so you know security and confidentiality are taken care of. We are professional, confidential and deliver exactly what we offer.

Server access

SSH logins are required to audit your code and review the database.

Admin access

This is required to review all integrated third-party extensions, understand their purposes and web caching enabling etc.

Git or Bitbucket access

Add “UK brand” as a collaborator – we will check history and check the purpose of changes.

Google Analytics and Webmaster

To analyse the source of traffic, information about visitors, inbound links, referring sites, specific page popularity and more.

New Relic (optional)

To do an in-depth review of code/page and database extension queries.

Types of audit tasks we perform

After we receive the required credentials, we create and schedule a timeline for the quality code auditing process. This covers everything detailed, from core code checking to security checkpoints.

Audit-A: Core code

  • Magento status
  • Review core file changes
  • Testing Magento setup
  • Check for robots.txt
  • Review Magento error logs
  • Minimise overridden core classes
  • Make a list of third-party vendors
  • Audit of all blocks, controllers, helpers and models

Audit-C: Security check

  • Review security patches
  • Detect Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious and harmful threats
  • Scan file system and database to catch suspicious code or entries
  • Check for external scripts and directories

Audit-B: Third party code

  • Make a list of all third-party and custom extensions
  • Removal of useless modules
  • Overcome code conflicts and re-write the solutions
  • Check for in-use external services/extensions for stock management, read/update order, update product like M2E Pro etc.

Audit-D: Coding standard

  • Normal formatting issues
  • Naming convention issues
  • Check for object-oriented code
  • Proper commenting and documentation
  • Separation of code and data
  • Create maintainable code by code grouping

Work quality assurances

When it comes to the quality of our work, we never compromise. Our projects are led by senior Magento certified developers who follow proven processes to deliver work that is in-depth, sense checked and thoroughly reviewed. That is how we ensure our clients get the best agency quality work.

QC-A: Review checkpoints

Your web audit report generated by our Magento certified team will be reviewed by our expert.
QA Engineers. 70 checkpoints in whole – no room for errors.

QC-B: Peer review – technical

A well-defined review process for finding and fixing defects, conducted by a team of peers with assigned technical roles.

QC-C: Peer review – feasibility testing

Feasibility testing aims for an assessment of the practicality of a proposed audit report containing varied solutions.

QC-D: Final delivery checklist

This contains the before-delivery checkpoints which must be satisfied before we make a final call to you. Here you GO->

Final delivery

You will get an all-in-one PDF report which will be easy for your development team to understand. The report contains all the issues categorised in different warning levels with proposed solutions.

Final Delivery

A bucket of extra benefits

A long lasting relationship with our clients is our ultimate goal. Considering that, we always try to offer something extra.

2-hour free consultation

We offer you a free consultation for a couple of hours in case your development team have any concerns or questions. We’re ready to guide you!


Get a re-audit report at half-price

You’re done with the code-audit and want to check all has gone as expected? In this circumstance, we offer a re-audit report at half price.

7 day money back guarantee

Didn’t find Audit report useful? That’s fine. We will simply ask for your reasons and will refund you fully.


Hire our Magento team

Want us to fix all reported issues? Our team will fix them for you at an affordable price. Contact us for a special package.


Starting from£,2000


timer2hour free consultation

7days money-back guarantee

4hour free consultation

attach_money£Affordable price

Magento Code Audit FAQs

What is a Code Audit?

A code audit is a comprehensive analysis of source code in the website application to discover bugs/issues, security, performance, and violations of standard coding formats

What is the final deliverable?

Depending on your website evaluation, the final deliverable can range from a simple confirmation document detailing everything working as it should, to an in-depth delivery document that details what is working, what isn’t and appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Can you complete the Magento Code Audit recommendations for me?

Yes. Our Magento certified team can offer you a fully fledged solution by fixing all reported issues at an affordable price. Contact us for special package.

What versions of Magento does the Code Audit run on?

The Magento Code Audit will work with:

  • Magento Community
  • Magento Enterprise

What if I am not satisfied with my Magento Code Audit report?

This has not happened yet, however if it does, simply tell us why and you will get a full refund in 7 business days.

What kinds of vulnerabilities does the Code Audit report?

The code audit reports all three types of website weaknesses:

  • Poorly coded web pages, database connections that allow access to private data or other problems in any other application that may be available on your website or server.
  • Viruses, trojans or malware. For example, malicious code may open up a TCP port for unauthorized access from the internet.
  • System misconfiguration. For example, the system administrator may have installed a service using the widely known default username or password, or may not have installed vital security updates/patches.

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